The West: Religion or Bust

‘Pride goes before destruction, haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18 In our haste to crown ourselves the smartest and most moral generation in human history, we have neglected this all important lesson, and each day we move closer to a moral and intellectual precipice. Many fail to see this, most of all the powerful … Read more

Part 2 of Definitive Guide To Anti-Woke And Pro-Free Speech YouTube Channels

This is the follow up to part one in which I reviewed 62 anti-woke and pro-free speech channels. However, assuming you’ve read or watched it already, in this piece, part two, I will be introducing a further 70 channels, bringing the total number of anti-woke and pro-free speech channels I’ve reviewed to 132. I felt … Read more

The Biggest Mistake Black People Make Today

Of all the mistakes black people in America make today, including committing a disproportionate amount of crime, creating a stupendously high rate of broken families, failing tragically at school, surrendering to the welfare system, embracing gangsta culture, and swallowing the disempowering lie of victimhood – there is one that is the icing on the cake, … Read more

Elon Musk: Modern Hero

Hero is a term used too often in today’s world, and usually to describe someone doing something mundane or self-righteous. True heroism means putting one’s life or livelihood at risk for another person or a greater cause. It means standing up and having the courage to do and say what is right, when the stakes … Read more

No Turning Back: Counterrevolution Is Futile

In the West today we are losing the battle for freedom, reason, and common sense to power hungry governments and deranged Wokeists. Everyday we go further down the hole they are digging for us and act as spectators in our own slow demise – like the proverbial frog boiling gradually in a pot. It’s easy … Read more

Definitive Guide To Anti-Woke and Pro-Free Speech YouTube Channels

In an age of increasing censorship by government, tech giants, woke mobs, and the like – finding online content creators and thought leaders that shun the woke narrative is a challenging endeavour. Many of those who might classify themselves as conservative, libertarian, right-wing, anti-woke, and pro-free speech are being outright banned, shadow banned, or having … Read more

A New World Order: Might Is Right

The Russian incursion into Ukraine – whether you agree or disagree with it – marks a potential turning point in the global world order. If Putin achieves his objective of a Ukraine under his direct or indirect control, then the mirage of a liberal world order where major powers respect international law, or can be … Read more