Definitive Guide To Anti-Woke and Pro-Free Speech YouTube Channels

In an age of increasing censorship by government, tech giants, woke mobs, and the like – finding online content creators and thought leaders that shun the woke narrative is a challenging endeavour. Many of those who might classify themselves as conservative, libertarian, right-wing, anti-woke, and pro-free speech are being outright banned, shadow banned, or having specific videos or posts taken down by platforms with no explanation whatsoever.

One of the biggest culprits of this censorship is YouTube – the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. Both through algorithms and human intervention they are curating content on their platform, just like a publisher would, rather than staying neutral as they can and should.

However being a business, they know they must be careful not to push their viewers (aka customers they disagree with) too far for they could end up alienating a big chunk of their user base – and thus jeopardise their all important ad revenue. So they have allowed channels they disagree with to remain on their platform, whilst maintaining an often hostile or fractious relationship with them.

Their inability to fully purge this ecosystem is of course to our benefit, and it is the aim of this guide to provide you with a basic map of the channels out there, so that you can find those that best resonate with you. What follows then is a concise introduction and review of over sixty anti-woke and pro-free speech channels that are worth checking out.

Before I go into these however, I need to offer some disclaimers:

1) I haven’t watched every video produced by these channels (some channels have thousands of videos for example), so if any of the videos portray viewpoints that are foolish, crazy, or in poor taste – then I am in no way responsible for that.

2) I have broken content down into four categories and assigned channels to the most relevant category. In some cases a channel might straddle two or more categories, so in that case I have chosen the one that fits best. The four categories are: 1- Talk Shows & Interviews, 2- Current Affairs & Political Commentary 3- Comedy & Entertainment, and 4- Philosophy & Cultural Analysis, and you can jump forward to each by using the time stamps in the video.

3) I’m a big believer in supporting alt-tech platforms like Rumble, Odysee, and BitChute, to name a few. So where possible I recommend watching content on those platforms as it helps to build them up as viable long term alternatives to YouTube. However there is an argument to be made that even though YouTube is antagonistic to us, it’s still worth posting there as we can reach more people who need to hear our message.

4) This is a wide church and I know if you’re say libertarian, you may not also be anti-woke. Or if you’re anti-woke you may not necessarily be conservative, and the list goes on. Also the anti-woke segment could come not just from the Right, but also from the centre or the non-authoritarian Left.

5) The purpose of this video is not to provide a thorough review of these channels, nor is it to be critical. I am supportive of the good work all these creators put in and whether or not it’s something I’d personally watch, I’m only going to focus on the positives for each channel.

So in summary just visit the channels that pique your interest, spread the word about them, and hopefully it’s the start of a long and fruitful engagement between you and the respective channel.

Let’s begin.

Talk Shows & Interviews

Steven Crowder

Of all the native YouTube channels mentioned in this vguide, Steven Crowder has the second largest number of subscribers at over 5.5 million (Joe Rogan is first). Steven is the undisputed king of the conservative late night talk show, and whilst many have attempted to cancel him over the years he is still here and going strong. Steven is a genuinely funny guy – with a bold, original, and engaging brand of humour and entertainment. He makes conservatism fun.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan is one of the most renowned philosophers and intellectuals of our day. A man who is unafraid to challenge wokeism, political correctness, and tyranny. Jordan is a professor and psychologist by trade so is an astute observer of people, which makes him an excellent debater both on the debate stage and on TV. His channel includes lots of interviews with interesting people covering a wide range of subjects including life, society, culture, religion, politics and more, as well as monologues and thought pieces.

Slightly Offens*ve

Elijah Schaffer hosts a talk show, which as the title suggests, is slightly offensive. It’s not gratuitous offence however, but more because Elijah is a straight talker and isn’t afraid to speak his truth – which of course clashes with present day woke ideology. Elijah has a likeable manner and a great interview style which encourages his guests to relax and open up. He also brings humour to serious topics which makes them more engaging.


Freddie Sayers interviews a range of interesting guests on topics ranging from Covid, to politics and culture, and a whole lot more. I think this channel is best summarised by its stated mission which is: “to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking, and to provide a platform for otherwise unheard ideas, people, and places.” Freddie is a brilliant interviewer, who takes a very thoughtful, measured, and fair approach to interviews with what some might consider to be controversial guests or topics. If only our mainstream media were more like UnHerd I’ve no doubt we’d live in a much different society right now.


If I had to describe Gothix in three words or phrases I’d say: freethinker, intelligent, no BS. Her channel has grown very rapidly in just one year and contains a mix of interviews and monologues covering cultural and political topics. If you want an interesting, well thought out, and honest analysis and deconstruction of the ills affecting the West today – namely wokeism – she is your gal.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The one and only Joe Rogan. A man who is loved by his supporters and hated by his detractors. Love him or hate him though he is a major thought leader in our world today if for no other reason that he keeps an open mind, gives people a fair hearing, and possesses what so many others in media and entertainment lack: wisdom and common sense. He is the everyman’s philosopher without even trying to be. His natural curiosity and desire to uncover the truth makes for always interesting and engaging discussions between him and the guests on his show. His YouTube channel contains key excerpts from his interviews.


If Candace Owens had a UFC nickname it would be ‘Take No Prisoners.’ She is a one woman platoon taking on the leftist and wokeist establishment. Candace has the gift of straight-talking and is able to cut through the BS in any situation in a way that appeals to ordinary, everyday people. Listening to her is a treat and her views on current events, whilst on the surface ‘controversial,’ are usually right. Her show is on Ben Shapiro’s network ‘The Daily Wire’ but you can catch excerpts from it on her YouTube channel.


I think the channel description for this one sums it up quite well: ‘Triggernometry is a free speech YouTube show. We believe in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.’ The two hosts of this interview show are Konstantin and Francis, who come across as moderate or centrist in their views and disposition. They interview many people from the Right however, and are a reminder that it’s possible to discuss topics with people you partially or fully disagree with, in a civil, yet lively manner.

Lex Fridman

Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and host of a popular podcast of the same name. He is a soft spoken man who is deeply curious about the world and this shows in his very thoughtful (and long) interviews with interesting people from the realms of science, technology, business, sports and more. He takes a very open minded and respectful approach with guests and is more focused on learning from them than on judging them. He leaves it to you the viewer to decide.


PragerU is an educational channel focused on promoting pro-American values, specifically from a Conservative, Christian, and Free-Market viewpoint. It’s named after its founder, Conservative Radio Talk Show Host, Dennis Prager. He along with others host their own shows on the channel – making PragerU more like a TV network with diverse and interesting programming. The content is wholesome, the hosts unapologetic in their views and uncompromising in their values (which is a reflection of Prager himself), and it’s a reminder of the values that made America a great nation.

Chris Williamson

Chris is like the British version of Lex Fridman or Joe Rogan – with his open minded approach to interviewing people from all walks of life on all kinds of interesting subjects. Chris is an intelligent guy who as he describes it is ‘learning out loud,’ and his genuine desire to get at the truth, mixed with his obvious curiosity, means his interviews are both interesting and educational.


Current Affairs & Commentary

Ben Shapiro

If Steven Crowder is loud and ludicrous, Ben Shapiro who has a similarly huge following, is measured and sarcastic. Ben is a household name in conservative and anti-woke circles. A man who’s built a conservative online media empire – The Daily Wire – into something that is tuned into by millions of people every month. He and his colleagues deliver much needed counter programming to the drivel and falsehoods peddled by mainstream media. I’m going to cover some of the shows from the Daily Wire separately, but as for Ben Shapiro himself his channel mainly consists of his often amusing commentary and analysis on current events. The great thing about Shapiro is that due to his babyface demeanour, rational approach, and tongue in cheek style, he has become a respectable gateway to conservative and anti-woke ideas for many.

Tim Pool

Tim started on the Left but has gradually, though he may not explicitly admit, come to adopt and promote views that today are more to the Right. That is to say he is anti-woke, anti-ideology, anti-censorship, anti-corruption, anti-tyranny, and more. Tim has a large audience across two channels: on the first channel he breaks down current events, and on the second channel – Timcast – he interviews special guests. Tim is unafraid to challenge his guests to get to the truth of a matter, and his discussions are often lively. His popularity has meant he’s become a target online for leftists, and this has only served to increase his reach. Tim is fighting the good fight.

The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin is a smart, charming, and all around nice guy whose political commentary show is on BlazeTV – but you can find clips from it on his popular YouTube channel. I mention his traits because I know that when picking channels to watch, style can be important for many. Creators might all be saying similar things but different audiences will connect with different styles of presenters, and when it comes to Dave, it’s very hard not to like him. Dave provides his commentary in a genial style that makes challenging or controversial topics easier to stomach for more moderate or centrist viewers. Worth checking out.

Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn is a PhD Organisational Psychologist who was formerly a liberal and is now an anti-woke libertarian. She pulls no punches in her commentaries on the social and political news of the day. If you like analysis of news in a lively and in your face style, Karlyn is your go to. In the past year her channel has grown exponentially as she shifted her focus to politics. She brings an extra level of credibility due to her academic qualifications, her work in the private sector, and of course her having seen things from the other side of the fence as a liberal. This makes her a great ally to the Right and formidable foe to the Left.

Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar host a show with a twist. Krystal is from the Left and Saagar from the Right and they discuss the latest political news – often agreeing and sometimes disagreeing on their analysis. It really is a unique and interesting show that highlights that the populist, anti-establishment Right and Left do share some things in common, particularly relating to their disdain for the corruption and misdeeds of the establishment. Of course Krystal can come across as pretentious and overbearing at times – as many on the Left do – but overall they both do a great job of focusing more on what they have in common than what they don’t. Definitely worth checking out.


Tarl has been making videos for a while now on politics, religion, current affairs, and philosophy. His videos are usually short and punchy – and his irreverent look and direct manner make for interesting viewing. He does not self-censor in anyway, so if you want to hear unfiltered commentary that gets straight to the point (rather than taking an hour to get there) check him out. Also don’t judge a book by its cover – Tarl is sharp, insightful, and a breath of fresh air in this genre.

Lauren Southern

Lauren is a documentary-maker, author, and independent journalist who is unafraid to search for truth – ugly or not – and shine a light on it. Her channel is mainly her commentary on social and political events and trends, which she delivers in a super direct, pull-no-punches style. It’s hard to believe she is just 26 with the volume and quality of work she has produced – and she’s only getting better. All in all Lauren is a great fighter for freedom and common sense in an age of censorship and folly.

Raging Golden Eagle

What would happen if you merged anime, anti-wokeism, and social and political commentary? Well you’d end up with Raging Golden Eagle. He posts videos almost daily, a mix of long livestreams and shorter commentaries. His style is unique and almost nerdy, but in a good way. The contrast between his videos’ fantasy setting with serious subject matter, delivered in his radio talk show voice, makes this an interesting one to watch.

Liberal Hivemind

Liberal Hivemind is a former liberal who in his words is ‘looking to shine a light on the hypocrisy that pushed me away from the Left.’ His typical videos are under 10 minutes and break down current news and events in a thorough but concise way. His avatar is a hooded man whose face is hidden, which adds a slight mystique to his channel and identity. He also has a radio talk show voice, which is no bad thing for someone with his kind of content. If you want your daily digest covering the misdeeds of leftists, it’s worth a watch.

Rotten Politics

The host of this channel provides commentary on political news and events. He is mainly focused on the UK, Europe, and the US, but his accent suggests he’s from the North of England. He comes across as a down to earth and well informed bloke who uses colloquialisms and humour to get his point across. He definitely shuns political correctness and speaks his mind as he sees fit. Worth checking out if you’re English.

The Officer Tatum

Brandon Tatum is a college football star, turned police officer, turned political commentator. He analyses the current political climate in a lively, blunt, and amusing manner. His videos are short and sweet, and are a great way to catch up on the latest shenanigans of the wokeist establishment.

The Next News Network

As the name suggests this is a news show that covers topics of interest to politically inclined conservatives. Gary Franchi is the mild mannered host, who walks the thin line between news anchor and commentator – leaning more towards the former. If you like the news format and delivery, this one’s for you.

Dr Steve Turley

Dr Turley is a professor, and conservative author and speaker. His videos are his commentary on the political news of the hour. Whilst he is an academic, his style of delivery is casual and accessible. He is well informed, keeps his videos punchy, and comes across like he’s having fun and not taking himself too seriously.

Matt Christiansen

Matt is a well spoken and well informed commentator on US political affairs. He takes a calm, logical and reasoned approach to his analysis of events which meshes surprisingly well with his ‘Americana’ inspired set design, which consists of him wearing a different flannel shirt each episode and sitting in a room decorated to look like a wood cabin. Matt is an intelligent commentator who respects his audience and who puts the second rate commentators at CNN and MSNBC to shame.

Dan Bongino

Dan is a former police officer, secret service agent, and now radio show host and political commentator. He has a large following online and his style is very Fox News (where he is also a guest contributor). He is unapologetically partisan, gruff, and knows how to play to his audience. If you want extensive coverage of US political events, he’s your guy. (He’s been banned from YouTube, so catch him on Rumble.)

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Dr Paul is a physician, author, and former member of the US House of Representatives where he served for a combined total of 23 years. He also ran in the 2008 and 2012 Republican primaries to be the Republican nominee for President. His son is Dr Rand Paul – present US Senator from Kentucky. Ron Paul is a libertarian hero, a man of enormous principle (perhaps the most principled Congressman in modern US history), who was unafraid to vote against even his own party for the things he believed in. He’s 86 now and retired but still maintains a loyal following and shares his commentary on politics and current affairs on his channel.

Dinesh D’Souza

A good way to describe Dinesh is as a polite firebrand – an adjective and noun that don’t normally go together. He is unapologetically conservative and Christian and is well known for his hard hitting political and social commentary. He is also a bestselling author and popular documentary filmmaker. Dinesh’s channel consists mainly of his solo
commentary on current affairs.

Russell Brand

Russell is a comedian, cultural commentator, and former actor and TV host. Russell is on the Left, however he is anti-authoritarian, anti-censorship, and anti-woke and has a large right-wing audience. Russell, in addition to being very funny, is a likeable and genuine guy and has a keen insight on what’s going on in society today. He has the gift or skill of expressing himself in an eloquent yet fun way, and that is part of his appeal. I highly recommend checking him out regardless of what your political views are.

Project Veritas

The official Google search result describes them as follows: ‘Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010. The group produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups.’
Let’s correct this shall we: ‘Project Veritas is an American independent media organisation. The group carries out undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to expose the corruption, lies, and malpractice of mainstream media organizations and progressive groups.’ There, that’s better. Project Veritas is doing amazing and courageous work, and as you can see from the fake news search results, they are ruffling a lot of the elite’s feathers.

Matt Walsh

Matt hosts his own show on The Daily Wire. In it he explores interesting stories – mostly about the latest adventures of the woke and the Left in general. His delivery is deadpan and sarcastic, yet still intelligent and well thought out. Matt has mastered striking the balance between humour and seriousness so that you get your fix of both in one go.

The Quartering

The host Jeremy is a calm and chilled dude who looks like he’d get along with anyone. He breaks down the latest news in his laidback style and offers his own reasonable perspective on it. It’s fair to say he represents a good chunk of the American populace who are reasonable people that look at the political climate and increasing censorship with dismay. Jeremy focuses on the antics of the woke in politics, media, entertainment, and more. He is worth checking out if you prefer a casual yet informed style.

The Podcast Of The Lotus Eaters

Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad, is the founder of Lotus Eaters which produces videos, a podcast, and articles covering politics, society, and culture from a right-wing perspective. The content is populist but sophisticated, which is a reflection of Carl himself – a man who can appeal to the everyday person with accessible and common sense arguments, but also go into minute philosophical detail on a wide range of subjects. This channel carries on the tradition established in his very popular Sargon of Akkad channel, only it is more like The Daily Wire in that you get a lot of interesting content and a range of hosts. This channel shows a lot of potential, and the quality and effort really shows. Worth checking out.


Billed as an alternative to the BBC and Sky News – or as the UK version of Fox News – GBNews has gained some good traction since launching less than one year ago. It features a variety of shows with diverse hosts, and has a clear anti-woke and pro-freedom of speech stance. The style and content is very British and this will appeal to those who are looking for the more traditional or mainstream style of news and commentary, but with a conservative and right-wing bent.

Conservative Twins

The Hodge Twins are YouTube veterans and have produced thousands of videos through the years. On this channel they deliver their very unique brand of conservative commentary on news and current events. The twins are good natured and always look like they’re having fun, even when discussing serious topics. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a big part of their appeal. So if you’re looking for amusing commentary on the craziness of the Left, look no further.

Jericho Green

Jericho is a naturally funny guy who offers his take on current events in an informal and engaging way. He definitely isn’t pulling his punches and very much calls things as he sees them – usually taking aim at the woke and the Left. He’s not as polished as some of the others in this category, but that’s a good thing; he comes across as someone who’s real and unfiltered in his monologues.

Anthony Brian Logan

Anthony is a conservative political commentator. He comes across as a well informed and down to earth guy. His style is less flash and entertaining, and more substance. If you prefer calm and measured commentary that focuses on the facts versus the emotions, Anthony is your guy.

Michael Knowles

Michael analyses political issues of the day. His show is part of the Daily Wire network. Michael has an impassioned manner and his monologues are quite polemical. If you like the other Daily Wire hosts, particularly Shapiro, then you will like Knowles. His commentary is engaging and you can tell he 100% believes what he says.

Andrew Klavan

Andrew is a best selling author of many crime novels including ‘True Crime’ and ‘Don’t Say A Word,’ both of which were adapted to Hollywood films. His channel though is his commentary on politics and society, which comes to you courtesy of The Daily Wire. Andrew is no fan of the woke and the Left and he makes this explicit using often vivid language (which comes naturally to him as a fiction author). He also has an engaging style of delivery, almost like a trained storyteller or presenter. Andrew is an older gentleman and he reminds me of a genial grandfather figure who enjoys sharing his lifelong experience and insights with us younger folk.

Lauren Chen

Lauren is a conservative Christian political and social commentator who focuses mainly on the misdeeds of the woke and the Left. Her videos are short commentaries in a down to earth, conversational style. Lauren isn’t one to mince words and is unafraid to stand up for so called ‘controversial’ positions, which shows she has the courage to back up her words.

Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

Tucker has a huge platform on Fox News with the most watched cable news show in America. If you looked up common sense in the dictionary a photo of Tucker would be there. He is a man who speaks the language of the silent majority and who is fearless in exposing and attacking the madness currently enveloping the West. He also has a very engaging and entertaining style. I genuinely believe the fact he is using his major platform to spread an important message night after night that others in cable news aren’t willing to – and doing so at great risk to his reputation and safety – is admirable. Check him out.

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn is an American journalist, author, and lawyer. He is a very interesting man who is on the Left politically, but is opposed to the totalitarian, woke Left. He is anti-authoritarian, anti-censorship, anti-woke, and he voraciously criticises the corrupt mainstream media. Often he’ll find himself agreeing more with someone like Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan then with today’s tinpot liberals or progressives. He provides interesting, well researched, and contrarian political commentary on his channel and he has a no BS air about him where he says exactly what he means.


Comedy & Entertainment

Mark Dice

Mark is a legend of the game. He’s been producing entertaining content about the decline of America and the West for over a decade. His videos – which are a satirical and sarcastic breakdown of the madness of the Left – are both funny and tragic. For though he tackles subjects like fake news, censorship, cancel culture, liberal stupidity, and more with humour, it really does highlight the dark road we are heading down. Mark is also an author and his popular and highly rated books are both hard hitting and well researched. As Mark likes to say: “check it out!”

Awaken With JP

JP takes parody and sarcasm to another level in his very creative and entertaining videos, which make fun of the Left and their contradictions. JP’s skits, in addition to being funny and original, hit the nail on the head when it comes to exposing the Left on important matters like freedom of speech, censorship, cancel culture, vaccine mandates, and more. JP is the perfect example of how humour can be a powerful weapon when yielded by those on the side of reason and common sense.


Tyler Zed analyses the latest funny and ridiculous memes in his shows: ‘You Laugh You Lose,’ ‘You Cringe You Lose,’ ‘Try Not To Laugh,’ and ‘You Get Offended You Lose.’ Tyler is a smart and funny guy who could be described as a conservative libertarian. His videos are enjoyable and lighthearted, but the memes themselves and his commentary on them often provide great insight into the present state and trajectory of Western society and culture.

SC Reviews

SC Reviews is an Aussie bloke (or bogan as he calls himself) who takes a fun and lighthearted look at the antics of the woke by sharing his humorous commentary on said antics and on related memes. For non Australians it will give you a window into the Aussie sense of humour, which is a mix of American and British humour with a spoonful of dryness thrown in, and an extra hint of sarcasm. SC Reviews is a good reminder that despite the wokeist insanity we should keep our sense of humour. Particularly as the left, who previously monopolised humour, have now lost it completely.

Ryan Long

Ryan is a comedian from Canada who is based in New York. He does stand-up tours but also publishes funny sketches to his YouTube channel. One of his favourite targets for comedic sketches are the woke, who give him plenty of material to work with. He is yet another example of how effective humour can be at exposing the madness of wokeism and related ideologies. Ryan truly is no holds barred and goes for the jugular with his comedy (as he should) and it makes for interesting and hilarious viewing.

The Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee is a popular conservative news satire site. Their channel, which they post videos to a number of times per week, contains funny sketches, satirical news, interviews and much more. The Babylon Bee is fast becoming like The Simpsons in its uncanny ability to predict future events. It’s satirical headlines and stories have become reality on so many occasions, which is hilarious but also shows the concerning downwards trend of society – in the US in particular. So if you want a glimpse into the future – check out the Babylon Bee; it’s funny, original, and insightful comedy and social commentary.

Isaac Butterfield

Isaac a funny, talented, and smart – albeit quite coarse – Australian stand-up comedian. He is a master of his comedic craft, and original to boot, and thankfully he channels this into amongst other things poking fun at the woke. He doesn’t come across as mean-spirited however despite saying some quite offensive things, and just seems like a genial and likeable bloke who likes to have a laugh (and who swears a lot). If you want some solid entertainment at the expense of the woke and their useful idiot allies, you can’t go wrong with Isaac.

Andrew Lawrence

Another master of comedy is this British stand-up comedian. He is anti-woke, pulls no punches, is hilarious, and has basically been cancelled from most standup venues in the UK. His channel features tidbits of social and political commentary from the cast of characters he plays including Prince Harry, Police Officer Peter Pisspot, Woke TV Presenter Johnny Smugface, Philosopher Keith Cuntabout, University Professor Gideon Micropenis, and many more. Andrew’s very original and creative approach to comedy, mixed with him being spot on with his commentary, makes this one a must watch for anyone in the UK.

Joey B Toonz

Joey collects clips and posts from the craziest, stupidest, and most narcissistic people on social media, which of course includes the woke, and roasts them in a highly cynical and amusing style. He has a very distinct voice and manner, which sounds almost like a mix of the Grinch with Joe Pesci. If you like cynical humour, he’s your guy.

Memology 101

Memology 101 publishes very short and sweet excerpts of politicians, celebrities, and the woke doing ludicrous, hypocritical, or despotic things, and highlights them with a meme. This channel is good for some short and sweet laughs, some cringe, and of course some bewilderment at the insanity being presented.

Sjw Triggered

This is another channel that publishes short clips that expose the hypocrisy and double standards of the political class and the woke. It’s good for a quick and amusing roast of the people ruining our society.


Philosophy & Cultural Analysis


ShortFatOtaku makes political and philosophical content. He is a self-described liberal centrist who, in his words, believes that a free western capitalist democracy is the best political system. He is also opposed to, amongst other things, social justice, radical feminism, progressivism and more. His videos are voiceover only and consist of him laying out the case for a particular thesis, or examining a particular social topic in a structured, almost essay style. His lack of partisanship provides a glimpse of what the typical middle of the road citizen likely thinks about the issues and trends of today.

Felix Rex

Felix publishes well thought out essay style pieces on Western politics, society, and culture. His content is fresh and unique and is suited to a more sophisticated or intellectual audience. His videos come across as informal lectures designed to help the viewer see things from a different or deeper perspective. Felix is an interesting creator, producing thought provoking content, in a unique way.

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul got his start working with Alex Jones on Infowars and has a long running YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers. Paul is a self-described contrarian and produces videos criticising the corrupt political and cultural elite, the decline of Western society, the attack on free speech, and much more. He is very forthright with his arguments and (rightfully) condescending to the stupid or bad people and groups he targets in his videos. He is a great polemicist who knows how to make a topic interesting, concise, and impactful. In short, he’s an asset to our movement.

Keith Woods

This is a very interesting channel for those who want to go really deep on political philosophy and history. Keith is clearly a learned individual who has a passion for questioning, pondering, and examining life and society. His videos are part lecture, part essay, part monologue. He likes to go into great detail on his chosen subjects and does so in a serious and thoughtful style. If you love philosophical discussion and debate, this one is for you.

History Debunked

Simon Webb is an English historian and author who posts videos about politics, multiculturalism, immigration, and more. His videos are short monologues which are well thought out and straight to the point. He expresses politically incorrect opinions (at least by the definition of the woke establishment), but he doesn’t seem to care. He just speaks his mind whether you like it or not – which is a good thing. We need more people like Simon in our society who are unafraid to speak truths that contradict the manufactured narrative of our rulers. This channel is ideal for British viewers who appreciate an intelligent and concise presentation.

Brittany Sellner

Brittany is a Catholic American political activist and author. On her channel she shares her analysis on cultural and social trends in the West from a socially conservative perspective. Her videos have an intimate feel to them – she shoots them in her living room and you get the impression she is very much being herself and honestly expressing her views. There is no flash here – just a direct to camera monologue, solidly argued in a refreshing style. Brittany is a good example of someone who appears wise beyond her years.

John Stossel

John is a journalist and former TV host on ABC and Fox Business. He has received no less than nineteen Emmy Awards and five National Press Club Awards for his excellent work through the decades. John is a libertarian who posts videos on everything from government, to the economy, to education, and more. He comes across as a likeable and genuine man, who leans on the facts when presenting stories. His videos are educational and balanced – but still engaging – and it’s impressive that he’s still going strong in his mid 70s. Worth checking John out.

John Doyle

John provides commentary on social, cultural, and political affairs. He is unashamedly conservative and expresses his views with conviction and bravado. His monologues are peppered with anecdotes and stories and his style is casual, yet assertive. The typical woke zombie would probably be offended by almost everything he says, as well as how he says it, so he’s worth checking out on that basis alone. His tag line after all is “Heck off, Commie!” And you know what the heck stands for.

Arcadius Strauss

Well I couldn’t leave myself off this list – though I have waited till last place to plug myself. So here goes: I make videos about Western culture, society, and politics. Of particular interest to me is the destructive trajectory our civilisation is on and what we can do to change it. If you had to place my views on a traditional Left-Right spectrum then I would be on the Right, however I’d like to think I have moved beyond that old paradigm (even though I place myself within it when convenient). I believe we need to learn from history but not try to go back to how things were. We need a new forward looking vision, one that can compete with and replace the current nihilistic wokeist one, otherwise we are doomed to lose this war and our civilisation with it. I express my thoughts and ideas on this and related topics in concise, direct, and hopefully engaging videos. I pull no punches in my work; I speak my truth 100% as I see it and I apologise to nobody for this. I also don’t care if YouTube ban me and I will not self-censor myself for fear of this. I would rather live one day as a lion than one hundred days as a sheep. If you want to hear about the big topics of today in a potent yet compact format then check out my channel. I look forward to welcoming you.

And that’s it. Over 60 channels for you to check out. Happy viewing!

Written by Arcadius Strauss.

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