Elon Musk: Modern Hero

Hero is a term used too often in today’s world, and usually to describe someone doing something mundane or self-righteous. True heroism means putting one’s life or livelihood at risk for another person or a greater cause. It means standing up and having the courage to do and say what is right, when the stakes are high, despite the opposition you might face.

In our midst today walks an unwitting hero. Unwitting because whilst his life’s mission is deliberate, he likely doesn’t pursue it to be a hero, but rather to serve. It’s ironic too, but perhaps expected in our modern technological age, that his life of service to humanity has made him the richest human on earth.

I of course don’t need to mention this man’s name.

What I do need to mention however is that the great heroes of any age can be counted with the fingers on one hand, sometimes two, so it’s important we recognise and appreciate them when they’re here.

Being a hero of course doesn’t make them perfect. Often their flaws are magnified, just as the good they do is. But if a perfect human could exist – they have yet to walk the surface of this earth.

So whether it’s electric cars or colonising mars, upgrading humans or building solar solutions, fixing traffic or making online democratic, we can all draw a little inspiration from him:

Think big. Be bold. Take your stand. Break the mould.

Whilst only a few will become heroes for the ages, we can all endeavour to, as the lyrics from a famous 70s song said: ‘Be heroes, just for one day.’

Written by Arcadius Strauss.

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